We offer bat eviction and restorations

We have been doing bat work since 1999 and have learned a lot along the way about bats and their behavior. We offer detailed inspections for homes, barns and businesses to determine where the bats are getting in. We will discuss with you the cost and what we would do to resolve the problem. We also offer a warranty on all of the work done by our company. 

For restorations we can work with insurance companies or directly with the property owner. The most common is attic restorations, and what we do is use a special vac to remove all the guano and insulation. We then disinfect, deodorize and re-install insulation. This is usually done after the bats are 100% evicted.

Bat Facts

* Did you know bats can live up to 30 years and are home committed, so they will spend the rest of their life figuring out how   to get back into where they were evicted.

* We have 9 species of bats in Michigan and over half of them are protected and the easiest way to tell for the untrained eye   is by seeing them up close. The most common we see are the big brown and little brown.

* They are the largest carrier of rabies and they don't always show symptoms. It is not legal to kill bats in Michigan, so here are some suggested steps if you get one in your home and want it out faster than a wildlife control company can get to you:

     1. Open a window or a door in the room it's in to give it a chance to get out and give it about 30          minutes to get out. Try to stay calm and do not scream or it will take longer.

     2. Grab it using leather gloves ONLY, take it outside, and let it go.

     3. When all else fails call us to remove it for you. Even if it's in the middle of the night.

NOTE: Now if someone suspects they were bitten by a bat do your best to get the bat using leather gloves and DO NOT damage the head, they test the brain for rabies. Put the bat in a can with a lid and take it to the county health department.  Then seek medical attention at the ER immediately and inform them of the situation.

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  Bat hanging                   Bat found hiding under     Action shot of 

                                      the ridge vent when we    bat coming out

                                      were tearing it off.           of eviction tube.



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