Aaron's Nuisance Animal Control Goose Work

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Aggressive Canada Geese: We are equipped to handle aggressive geese at your home or business.

Canada Goose Harassment: The tactics we offer can be dogs, screamers and laser pointers. Grass spray application to deter the geese. 

Egg and nest destruction: Includes us coming to your site 2 separate times. We use our watercraft and/or search from shore for nests and or eggs. We remove the eggs from the nest and destroy the nests and nesting material. While doing this we are hazing the geese that are trying to defend their nests.

 Applications must be postmarked by April 1st for egg and nest destruction each year

Canada Goose round up options

* We do the round up: We set up the pens, the geese are rounded up, we record the DNR required information and load the geese into our certified crates. We would then remove the pens and haul the geese to the DNR designated drop off site. 

* Haul only: Representatives from your site (that have had the training course) round up the geese into your accessible pen for us to come and load the geese for transport. We record the DNR required information then load them into our certified crates and haul the geese to the DNR designated drop off site.

Applications must be postmarked by June 1st for goose round up each year

We are a family run business and have been doing goose work since 1999.

Please contact us for details, price matching program and any further questions you might have. Schedule today for your Canada Goose needs. Call us at 517-589-0050.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Permit applications will be processed by the USDA-APIHIS Wildlife services office at 2803 Jolly Rd., Suite11, Okemos, MI 48864. The phone number is 517-336-1928 for round up  and egg and nest destruction. We suggest you contact them as early as February, in case dates change, to get the process started.